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Curriculum Vitae

Douglas M. Moss

AeroPacific Consulting

22487 Kent Ave

Torrance, CA 90505




PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                                          


Jul 1997 - Present

United Airlines


     Pilot – Airbus A320

Pilot on the Airbus A320 flying to both domestic and international destinations.

     Flight Engineer and Line Check Airman (Instructor) – Boeing B-727

Performed flight engineer duties as well as instructed and supervised new flight engineers on operational skills coming out of initial training.

     Flight Operations Technical Steering Committee member - Contributed to technological advances and implementation programs for the entire fleet of aircraft at United Airlines.


Mar 1990 - Jul 1997

Douglas Aircraft Company


     Senior Experimental Test Pilot -  DC-9, MD-80, MD-90, and MD-11 Flight Test Programs

Conducted developmental flight testing of all Douglas Aircraft Company products. Testing included all facets of aircraft certification, such as performance, flying qualities, structural aerodynamic damping, braking performance, stall & high angle-of-attack, engine-out takeoff performance, noise certification, simulator development and certification, etc.

     Technical and Operational Representative -

Provided on-site support to various airlines to solve operational and engineering issues concerning the MD-80/90. Spent approximately 6 months in China in direct support of China Northern Airlines’ operational issues of the MD-80 and entry into service of the MD-90.  Other airlines supported were Delta, ValueJet, and China Eastern Airlines.

     Fleet Manager - MD-95 (B-717)

Directly responsible for the flight crew certification and training programs for the MD-95 (B-717)

     MD-80/90 Instructor Pilot and Line-Check Airman -

Provided simulator, flight, and operational line instruction in the MD-80/90 to pilots of customer airlines such as China Northern, UNI Air, Uland, Great China, and EVA Airlines.

Aerial Demonstration Pilot – MD-90

Performed aerial demonstrations of the MD-90 at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in 1996 in Zuhai, China.

Chief photo/safety chase pilot - T-33, KingAir, and Lear 25/35

Responsible for all photo and safety chase requirements for Douglas Aircraft Company. Flew T-33, Kingair, and Lear 25/35. Developed and implemented a training program to upgrade other Douglas Aircraft Company pilots to perform safety/photo chase.


Mar 1990 - Sep 2000

US Air Force (Reserves)


USAF Test Pilot School (TPS)

     Reserve Advisor to the Commandant - USAF Test Pilot School

Directly responsible to TPS Commandant for the performance of 16 other USAF Reserve officers (engineering and flight instructors).


     Instructor Test Pilot and Academic Instructor - A-37, T-38

Instructed TPS students in all phases of the curriculum in the A-37 and T-38. Flight instruction included performance, flying qualities, weapons delivery, human factors evaluation, and systems evaluation.    



Jun 1977 - Mar 1990

US Air Force (Active Duty)


USAF Test Pilot School (TPS)

     Instructor Test Pilot and Academic Instructor - F-4, A-37, T-33

Instructed TPS students in all phases of the curriculum in the F-4, A-37, and T-38. Flight instruction included performance, flying qualities, weapons delivery, human factors evaluation, and systems evaluation.

     Chief, Flying Qualities Branch -

Responsible for the development and instruction of the Flying Qualities syllabus for both flight and academic instruction.

     Chief Spin pilot -

Responsible for the academic and flight instruction of the High-Angle-of-Attack, Stall, and Spin training program at TPS.


USAF Flight Test Center

     Project Test Pilot - T-46 Flight Test Program

Conducted all aspects of developmental flight testing for the T-46 Next Generation Trainer, such as performance, flying qualities, systems evaluation, and operational assessment.

     Project Test Pilot - F-4 AIM/ACES Flight Test Program

Conducted testing of the AIM/ACES parachute extraction system on the F-4.

     Project Manager – F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter

Primary point of contact and manager for the Edwards AFB support preparation plan for the F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter.


18th Tactical Fighter Wing

F-15 Pilot

Operational fighter pilot stationed at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Deployment locations included Korea and the Philippines.


71st Flying Training Wing

T-37 Instructor Pilot

Provided initial pilot training to student pilots. Flight instruction encompassed both simulators and aircraft. Missions included basic airmanship, instruments, cross-country, and formation flying.






Apr 1994

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


Mar 1981

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. GA


Jun 1976

Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering (B.N.E)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA




Aviation education


Nov 1999

A320 Qualification

United Air Lines


Sep 1985

F-4 Qualification

McConnell AFB, KS

Oct 1997

B-727 Flight Engineer Qualification

United Air Lines


June 1985

Experimental Test Pilot Training

USAF Test Pilot School

Jul 1995

MD-11 Type Rating

Douglas Aircraft Company


Mar 1982

F-15 Qualification

Luke AFB, AZ

Jul 1990

DC-9/MD-80 Type rating

Douglas Aircraft Company


Sep 1978

Instructor Pilot Qualification

Randolph AFB, TX

Jun 1990

Air Transport Pilot Ground School

Santa Ana, CA


June 1977

Undergraduate Pilot Training

Vance AFB, OK

Sep 1986

T-33 Qualification

Tyndall AFB, FL








ATP - Airplane Transport Pilot Certificate – Airplane, Multi-Engine Land

Commercial Privileges – Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Multi Engine

FE - Flight Engineer – Turbojet

Type Ratings – DC-9/MD-80/MD-90, MD-11

Current Qualification – A320


Aircraft Qualifications




General Aviation

F-4 C/D/E





















Grumman AA5 Beech BE23

Beech BE34

Beech BE35

Piper PA28

Piper PA34

Piper PA38





Airbus – A319/320

Beechcraft – Musketeer, Sundowner, Bonanza, Kingair

Cessna Aircraft – 150, 152, 172, 182 T-37, A-37, O-2

Convair – F-106

DeHavilland – U-1 Otter,  UV-18 Twin-Otter

Douglas – DC-9, MD-80, MD-90, MD-11

Fairchild – T-46

Gliders –

Blanik L-23

            Grob 102

Grumman American – AA5 Tiger


Aerospatiale Gazelle SA341

Bell – H-1

Lear – L25, L35

Lockheed – F-16, F-104, C-130, C-141, P-3, S-3

McDonnell – F-4, F-15

Piper – Tomahawk, Cherokee, Seneca

Vought – A-7






















Pilot in Command






Actual Instruments



Instructor Pilot



Single Engine



Simulated Instruments






Cross Country






Flight Engineer









Conference Presentations


“Common Errors in Cockpit Design, Displays, and Controls.” Society of Automotive Engineers: World Aviation Conference & Exposition., Anaheim, CA. Sep 1998.


“MD-90 Developmental Flight Test.” various civic and aviation groups in the Los Angeles area. 1996.


“MD-80 Engine Anomalies and Autothrottle Operations.” Douglas Aircraft Company Twin-Jet Conference., Long Beach, CA. 1995.





“Evaluation of Flight Operations at ValuJet Airlines.” Douglas Aircraft Company Operational Report.,



“Evaluation of Flight Operations at China Northern Airline.” Douglas Aircraft Company Operational Report., Dec 1995.


“A Pilot’s Perspective – Flight Testing the MD-90.Douglas Service Magazine, Volume 49, Second Issue, 1994:2-7.


“MD-80 Autothrottle Speed Control System.” Douglas Service Magazine, Volume 49, First Issue, 1994: 16-19.


“Engine Malfunctions on Takeoff.Douglas Service Magazine, Volume 48, First Issue, 1993: 14-17


 “MD-80 & MD-90  High Altitude Performance Characteristics”, Douglas Service Magazine, Publication pending.


Alan Reed, Douglas Moss, et al. "Evaluation of Lateral Handling Qualities as a Function of Roll Mode Time Constant and Time Delay, Measured by Handling Qualities During Tracking (HQDT) Exercises." USAF Test Pilot School Research Project, June 1985:


“Energy Cost Analysis of the Proposed Combined 8th and 25th Squadron Operations Center”, 71st Civil Engineering Squadron, Vance AFB, OK, Apr 1981.


“Space Flight – Transfer Orbits and their Optimization”, Dept of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, Feb 1981.


“Waterhammer in Closed Piping Systems - Its Intensity vs Valve Closure Rates”, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. Dec 1980.


“Derivation of Dip and Azimuth Angles from Dipmeter Correlograms”, Dept of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, Sep 1980.


“Effects of Heat Transfer on the Performance of a Diesel Engine”, Graduate Archives, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, Feb 1980.


“Heat Transfer Effects from the Free Convection of Helium Gas in Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Rods”, Graduate Archives, Dept of Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, Dec 1979



Professional Memberships


Society of Experimental Test Pilots

Air Line Pilots Association

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE International

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association